5 Qualities of Great Professional Real Estate Companies

By Rick Winner / March 7, 2018

Despite fluctuations in the housing market, research shows that owning a home is still the primary way to build wealth. Owning your own home brings a sense of pride, and can help you establish a firm financial future. Are your looking to buy a new home, or to cash out equity by selling your current…

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4 Real Estate Benefits That Come with 0% Commission

By Rick Winner / February 28, 2018

Real estate commissions are a necessary evil. At least that’s how the common wisdom goes. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or seller or someone with vast experience, you’ve spent time adding up the costs of real estate transactions and wishing you could shave off a few percentage points. Luckily, you can. Behold the real estate…

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How Much Money Do You Save By Using A No Commission Real Estate Agent?

By Rick Winner / February 21, 2018

Do you want to sell your home but have concerns about paying a realtor hefty commission? The real estate agent’s fee can take a sizable chunk out of your earnings. But, sellers often need the expertise and advice that a professional agent offers. How can you get the guidance you need without paying more than…

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