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We Say Thank You with More Than a Gift Basket

Traditional realtors pocket a typical 3% commission and give you a bottle of wine or maybe a gift basket as a thank you.

At Ziro Realty, we say thank you by putting thousands of dollars back into our buyers pockets by crediting thousands of dollars cash back at closing*. Use it for closing costs, renovations, furniture or even a vacation!

Simple, useful and better than a gift basket.

*minimum $150,000 purchase to qualify for cash-back.


D. Holt

I couldn’t be happier with zirorealty. They promptly showed us the houses we were interested in seeing, we made an offer on the first day. We got back almost $15,000 after closing. They refunded us their entire commission!


D. McMurtrie

I’ve always hated paying a real estate brokerage 6% commission for selling a house, it’s just a crazy amount of money for so little effort. I’m so happy that zirorealty is breaking that mold. The savings are real! The zirorealty agents were knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. It ’s an absolute no-brainer decision.

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